Wellston Winter Trails
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The Official Wellston Trails Information Page.
Updated by trail groomers.
You receive honest, accurate information,
not second hand.

Welcome to the new 2019/2020 season!
Trail maps are available at our sponsors and other businesses in the area.

email: wellstonwintertrails@yahoo.com



All our trail sections have all been groomed t in preparation for the weekend.

Unfortunately the heavy traffic last weekend and warm weather is already taking their toll.

Most trails are fair and have at least 2" of base on top of ice but there's "snirt"  and few bare spots starting to show up, especially on north/south exposed hill sides.

Trail 614 is now passable but has rough spots.

Update: We have received a couple of inches of new snow. But forecasted temperatures are in the high thirties for the next few days.


Please note: A new trail map has been published. Pick up your copy at many of our supporting businesses in the area. Those business locations are shown on the back of the trail map. 

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